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Instructional Books on playing card games

These books compile knowledge that Joseph Petrus Wergin gained during his 75-year career of playing, teaching, and writing about card games.  He discusses origin and history, basic fundamentals, bidding, tournament strategy, secrets of the masters, and much more!


Joseph Petrus Wergin

Joe Wergin was an educator, postmaster, tavern keeper and real estate broker by profession and a card expert and missionary by avocation. His expertise and enthusiasm led to him becoming an international authority on popular card games. During his card-playing career he taught thousands of adults, college students, and children to enjoy the games.

He was a major force in promoting a scientific approach and standardized rules for Skat and Sheepshead, Cribbage and Euchre. He developed the Wergin System for evaluating Skat hands and led the North American Skat League for many years.

He founded the American Cribbage Congress with its system of grass roots clubs, sanctioned tournaments, lifetime point awards and program for teaching cribbage in schools to improve students’ math skills and critical thinking.

He distilled his lifetime knowledge of card games into comprehensive texts that include history, fundamentals, strategy and card etiquette.

Read his books before your opponents do!

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Win at cribbage

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Euchre according to wergin

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poker for the family

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cribbage for kids

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euchre according to wergin

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advice from the master - joseph petrus wergin

Advice From The Master – Joseph Petrus Wergin

  •  “Think big!”
  • “Trust everyone … but cut the cards.”
  • “A peek is worth two finesses.”
  • “The family that plays together stays together.”

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